Another “heat burst” event?!? These were supposed to be rare!

Last night, there were storms in the vicinity.  We weren’t lucky enough to get any rain, but we did get a little wind.  Like we don’t have more than enough of that.  Ha!  Then, on the 10:00 news, our local weather guy said that there was another “heat burst” event – this time in Augusta, Kansas (12 miles from the farm) – but that the temperature only rose 8 degrees in 8 minutes.  Well, good? Continue reading »

The garlic is ready to harvest already?

It is, by my calculation, at least 3 weeks too soon to harvest the garlic, but the tops are turning brown and falling over, so I guess the garlic thinks it’s ready, so I had better comply.  This is when I hold my breath because, since it grows underground, and you never know what you’re going to get until you’ve dislodged all the roots and then it’s too late to put it back!  See my dilemma yet???  I have to believe that I did everything right, and unless maggots ate the edible parts of the plant, the parts that I want to eat, all shall be well.  I will let you know.

A belated “thank you” to Teresa O’Connor of Seasonal Wisdom.

I’m ashamed to be writing this so late, but as I’m sure many people will agree, getting the vegetable garden in and growing takes priority in the spring – that is my excuse.  That being said, this “thank you” is incredibly, awfully late, and I’m not usually this rude.  Really.  Don’t get me wrong – I can be really rude when I need to be, but it takes effort and energy that I just don’t have this time of year.  So, please believe me when I tell you that this epic rudeness was unintentional. Continue reading »

Wichita experiences a “heat burst event” – WTH???

“Wichita experiences rare heat burst overnight” – that and similar headlines were all over the Internet this morning and everyone is talking about it.  Have you ever heard of a “heat burst event” before?  Me neither.  And I’ve been living on this earth a long, long time.  Well, not *that* long, but awhile now… Continue reading »

Well, wasn’t that lucky?

Had I not been craving grits for breakfast this morning, I would have surely missed out on the unusual sensation of having Pickle Crisp run down over my arm and leg (and a cat), beginning a mystery and a 30-minute unscheduled cleaning job.  Oh, lucky me!  Continue reading »

Breaking news – that was AWESOME!

I’m so excited to share this news – those roasted cauliflower leaves were AWESOME.  My husband even liked them and said he would eat them again, and when a man says that about a “new” vegetable dish, well, that’s something big!   Continue reading »

Go with the flow.

I’m not arguing for or against climate change – that’s a big issue and I’m not qualified.  Yesterday, however, I was working in the garden just before the temperature hit 100 degrees for the fourth or fifth consecutive day, much, MUCH too early in the year for that to be happening in my area, and maybe it was a heat-fueled hallucination, but even after I came in and cooled off, I began to wonder… what if this is the new normal?  What if the average dates of last frost are all wrong, and what if the temperature trend stays this way with much hotter temperatures much earlier in the year?  Specifically, what does it mean to me, an individual organic gardener trying to feed my family?  Continue reading »

Mulch… organic? Do you seriously have to ask that?

I’m an organic gardener…. would I use nonorganic mulch on my garden?  Only if hell froze over.  Yeah, I said it.  My mulch of choice for the flower garden is wood chips, preferably from a local source.  It’s not that there’s anything wrong with mulch from outside of my zone, but why would I want to take a chance on introducing pathogens that are not native to my area?  I guess I’m a mulch snob and I didn’t even realize it until just now! Continue reading »

Blown over by the wind again.

Here’s a tip – if heavy pots full of potting mix and plants can’t stay upright in the wind, don’t go out to rescue them while the wind is still howling. Continue reading »

And another thing about email.

Something about email drives me absolutely crazy, and I’m wondering if it’s just me, or if it drives anyone else crazy, too.  Have you ever asked someone several questions in an email, only to have them answer the first question and ignore the rest?  Did they think I took the time to type the other questions but I wasn’t serious about wanting to know the answers?  This happens to me almost every week and it drives me CRAZY.  Is there a name for this phenomenon?  Would people really rather I wrote 3 emails when I have 3 questions????  Maybe I need a vacation.