Up to my &*% in cucumbers!

Well, this post is a little late because, at the moment, I actually have NO cucumbers, but trust me, a few weeks ago, I was literally up to my knees (or higher) in cucumbers. 

I planted the “Marketmore” variety this year and these plants live up to their name!  I was getting 6 or more per day, and while mine didn’t reach the 8 to 9 inch size the seed packet foretold, they were at least 5 or 6 inches long.  We can only eat so many, and after I made pickles the first time this year, I remembered that my husband doesn’t even like pickles, so I had to get creative on what to do with them.  We usually eat a salad every night with dinner, so one cucumber per day went into those.

One of my husband’s friends fries his cucumbers, just like you would with green tomatoes, and we haven’t tried that yet, because we’re carb-less right now on the South Beach Diet, and the cucumbers are apparently much better when they’re breaded, so that will have to wait awhile.  (My doctor recommended the SB Diet, and you know what?  I feel better.  I wonder if maybe I had a little pre-diabetes going on because without carbs and sugars, I feel a whole lot better and I haven’t had a hypoglycemic episode in weeks!)

Someone that I follow on Twitter tweeted a recipe one day for cucumber dip, and while I don’t want to direct you to her blog because I have this like/hate thing going on with her (okay, it’s Anita Cochran – former news anchor for KSN), I have to say, her dip recipe is delicious.  Click her name and you’ll go right to that blog post.  I may not like her all of the time, but I like this dip (I didn’t put all that mayo in there – it was too much, and I used fresh garlic instead of garlic salt because I’m trying to lower my sodium intake).  I will admit, she also started me on the road to financial freedom with her much earlier blog posts about Dave Ramsey.  If you are in debt or just want to learn how to manage your money better, go there, read, relax.  He saved my life, literally.  One day, I will blog about that!  In the meantime, back to cucumbers.

Another tweeter whom I no longer follow, but my husband does, tweeted about cucumber salsa, and it’s interesting.  Salsa is a difficult concept for me right now because we can’t have chips (SB Diet, remember?), and what the heck do you dip in salsa other than chips??? If anyone has a hint other than fresh vegetables, let me know.  Fresh veggies don’t hold much salsa – that’s the problem.  I guess I could hollow out some cucumbers into little boats, but who has the time for that?  Anyway, here it is, almost straight from the Wichita Eagle: (with some clarifications and only a slight modification – they said garlic powder, but why not use fresh garlic instead for the health benefits?)

3 cucumbers, peeled and diced

1/4 onion, diced

1/2 of a packet of ranch dressing mix

1 can Rotel (or other brand) diced tomatoes and chilies

1/4 cup fresh cilantro, chopped

Chili powder to taste

Fresh garlic, diced really small, to taste

Mix it all together and chill it thoroughly.  You might want to play around with this recipe some – it may be too watery and you might want to drain the Rotel, depending on how soupy you like your salsa.
Well, speaking of tomatoes…. I’ve got a boatload waiting for me to process.  If you haven’t tried the tomato glut sauce yet (from a much earlier blog by me), you really are missing out.  We’re trying to get at least 52 pints in the freezer, and we’re not there yet, but we’re hoping.

Have a great day, and remember – unless you are canning or making stuff that could blow up – they’re recipes, not rules!

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